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April Get Kids Crafty Blog hop

I've got another Get Kids Crafty blog hop for you today. This month's theme is Manatee/ocean.  Check out Get Kids Crafty on Facebook at the Get Kids Crafty group.

We used bubble wrap to create a bubbly ocean affect. What kid or adult for that matter doesn't like bubble wrap? So we used blue acrylic paint and painted it on to the bubble wrap.

Then we turned it over and squished it and popped the bubbles in the bubble wrap. Let the fun begin!

This is what it looked like after we removed the bubble wrap, pretty cool right? 

Then Riley put foam ocean critter stuckers on the paper to finish off his ocean scene.  

Here is the finished project.  

Thank you for participating in our April Get Kids Crafty! blog hop! We are so excited that you're here and we hope that you find inspiration amongst our links! Not only that, be we'd LOVE to be inspired by you! Please feel free to use the hashtag #getkidscrafty on social media anytime you and your child(ren) are crafting!
Exciting things are in the future for Get Kids Crafty! you won't want to miss the action, check out our Facebook group and Instagram account: Get Kids Crafty! Also new, we have a web page! We will be changing it up as we go through our growing process, so do make sure to check it out occasionally!
OK! Now go visit my fellow bloggers and find more inspiration to get crafty with your kids!

Fanciful Spaces

Pear Blossom Press
Sparkliie Creations - Lynnea Hollendonner


How awesome is this?! I love the effect from the bubble wrap!
How creative to use the bubble wrap for a textured ocean! Love it!

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