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Congratulations on your new job!

This is a card I made for a friend who just got a job as a dishwasher at a resturant. Of course it's Curious George, I found this picture and I just had to make her a card. It was too perfect!

Grad 08!

This card was created for my friend Gina. Her grad dress was similar to this one in a sage green minus the bow. For the card the bow came in handy though as I wrote "Grad 08!" down it in white. The word "Congratulation" is on transparency kept on by two green brads. The matching envelope is black to go with the card and then it has a seal which matches the dress.

Mother's day @ Church

Here are some pictures of the tea pot cards the children made at church for their moms on mother's day. We made cards in the shape of Tea pots (Which were pre-cut). The children just had to decorate the cards. Then we attached to tea bags & a tag that said "I think you're tea-rific!!" to the handle of the tea pot with ribbion.

Thank You cards 4 Church

I made these cards for the children's ministry volunteers at my church. I made 7 of these cards. They say "Thanks for Leaping in and helping out in Adventure X." Adventure X is what we call our aged 3-Grade 5 group. Then there is a frog on it for the leaping part.

Thank you for....

I found this cute picture of a Zebra so I had to use it. Turns out my mom just bought me a Zebra puppet for children's ministry so it worked out great. So I decided to make a card to thank my mom for the puppet.

$100 Birthday Card!

I made this for my friend Trina's Birthday. It's an inside joke between us. We have always just joked around about $100 and said I give you a $100! So I printed a picture of a $100 bill off the internet. So no it's not real. I used transparency to include Happy Birthday and held that on with the green brads and wrote I give you a $100! :) in the corner.

Mother's Day Giraffe Card!

I made this card for my mother on Mother's day. For some reason my mom is really into giraffe's these days. So of course I had to make her a giraffe card. Since I love Curious George I found a picture of him sliding down a giraffe's long neck. On the Back of the card is a little metal peice which is a giraffe, that I got from my grandma's random sewing collection. As i've said before she's been going through it and what she doesn't need anymore she will pass it on to me. The flower on the front is a flower shaped brad. Plus Happy Mother's Day is done on transparency and held on by little white buttons. I was out shopping and I came across this cute giraffe stuffed animal. I just had to get him for my mom, he was a decent price too. Plus it went with the card as well. My mom loved both the card and the stuffed animal very much. :)

Cowboy Boot Wedding!

This is a card I created for my friends who are getting married later this month. They both really like horses. So I decided to make this a cowboy boot shaped card for them. The transparency piece that says "Congratulations on your wedding" is held on by two blue heart shaped brads. Then there is the blue ribbion with a Cowboy hat button. The different blue accents on the card represent "Something Blue"

Baby Rattle!

I SOLD this card!

This is another card I created for my friend Trisha. Her cousin just had a baby so she needed a Baby card. It's a baby rattle. I used transparency and there are little buttons under the transparency and if you shake the card a little the buttons actually rattle like a baby rattle it's really neat. As you can see the card says "It's a Boy" and on the rattle it's hard to see in the picture but it says Connor which is the new baby's name. I got the idea to make this card out of paper crafts magazine. There is also a matching enevelope too.

Dobby & Dr. Pepper!

I SOLD this card!

This was another card requested by my friend Trisha for a friend of hers. Her friend really likes Dobby from Harry Potter. This friend also likes Dr. Pepper so why not combine these two things together into Dobby holding a Dr.Pepper can. I used the red & Yellow star ribbion and red and black paper because those are colors at hogwarts and they all work together. There is also a matching envelope for this card too.

Sushi & Pugs

I SOLD this card!

One of my friends requested this card for her friends Birthday. They both like pugs and when they hang out they usually go for sushi. I was also told the person's favorite colors and this is what I came up with. There is also a matching envelope as you can see.

Mother's Day! *100th Post*

I SOLD this card!

This card is for a friend. She asked me to make a card for her mom for Mother's day. The Bible verse Numbers 6:24-26 and the part where it says Happy Mother's Day!!! are transparency's and are held on by little buttons.

*This is also my 100th post here on my blog, so I thought that was noteworthy. I've made alot of cards. I'm know it's well over 100 because some I have posted together.

Curious George Firefighter B-day

This is a card I made for my friend Laura's 22nd Birthday. She's a Volunteer firefighter where she lives so it worked. The little things on the top are mini clothes pins!

Hairstyles & Birthdays!

This is a card I made for my friend Rachel who turns 21 today actually. She's a hair dresser and was recently in Australia. So The card is her own hair studio and all the hair products on the card are aussie. since she was just down under. The Mirror on the card is an actually mirror. It's tiny square mirror pieces that I had.

The Hamster Cage

This is a Hamster Cage card I made. The Video explains it all, so take a look.

This was put on the inside of the card to explain it.