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During Mini Outreach here in Norway we created small journals with some students in the schools. Here are some I made. They are really fun to make!

A look inside the Journal See the pages

The back of the Journals
The Front of the Journals


Starry Night- Dream card was made as an encouragement card!

Babushka doll

Music Card!

Happy 1st Birthday!

Bible Verse Encouragement


A card I made as an Encouragement card!

Happy Birthday!!

Birthday Card for Jessica!

Christmas Card

I actually made this as a sample card for some card workshops we held during Mini Outreach this year.


Recent cards I made for the hospitality department here at YWAM Norway to welcome the teachers!


These are recent cards I made for the 4 girls that are my 1:1's well I work in YWAM Norway!

Happy Birthday!

Recent Birthday card I made!

Ever Thankful for you!

This is a recent Thank you card I made for a friend!


Some cards I made for the hospitality department at the YWAM base in Norway to welcome our guests!

This is spelled wrong it's suppose to be a V instead of a W

Life is a Journey not a destination

Here is a random card I made this summer.

You make a great pear engagement!

This is a card I made for some friends from church who recently got engaged!

Buzzing by to say you make me happy

This is a card I made for my brother since he now has bee hives & Bees and is going to make his own honey from them. It's says "you make me oh so very happy"

Cookie Monster Grad!

This is a card I made for a friend who graduated from high school and she loves the cookie monster.

Reach for the sky, it's your birthday!

This is the first card I've made since I've been back in Norway after my summer break in Canada. It was for a staff members birthday.

To Graduation and Beyond

This is a card I made for a friend who just graduated and she loves toy story! I loved making this card. It was so fun to create.

Wedding Thank U's

These are Thank you cards that I made for my friend's wedding. (The same wedding from the previous post) I made 20 of these cards!


This is a card I made for my friend who got married in July!

Sending Congrats your way! School Bus

This is a recent card I made for a friend who works at a daycare and she recently got her license to drive a small school bus for her job. The inside says "Sending congrats your way."

^The front of the card

^Looking through the window

^The inside of the card


Two recent cards I made with sayings "Live for today" and "Sparkle & Shine" The background is embossed and the other flower is a die cut with a button to top it off!


Recent card I made!

Delight in the little things!

This is a recent card I made!

Simply enjoy it all!

A random card I made of a cupcake, it says, Simple enjoy it all.

Elephant & Beaver!

These are some cute cards I made recently! (They would be perfect for a child's b-day)


Here are some fun butterfly cards I made recently! It seems to be everywhere you look these days there is something that has a butterfly on it. They are very popular. I have enjoyed putting them on cards recently!


Cute Baby cards I recently made!

Western Wedding!

Recently a family friend got married and they had a western themed wedding so this is the card I made

New Home!

Some friends of mine recently got a new place so this is the card I made for them.


A friend of mine recently got engaged and this is the card I made for them

Grad 2011

Here are some more High School Graduation cards I made recently!