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Bling Bling Chandelier

I recently had a friend over to have a creative day. It's been awhile since I'd had almost a whole day devoted to card making and or scrapbooking.  I was mostly working on a wedding guestbook/scrapbook for some friends who get married in June in Norway.  Later in the day I took a break from this project to make a canvas picture and 2 cards. I played around with my chandelier embossing folder that I got a few months back and had not got a chance to use yet. I finally got my hands on it.  I used dollar store and Michael's bling and rhinestones to give it the bling look and add a bit of sparkle.  I also used "Stickles" which is glitter glue to add the finishing touch and embellish the small details of the chandelier. 
Canvas with the embossed chandelier and pink ribbon and background. 
Pink & Purple cards..two different colours with the same design

Happy Birthday /w Animals

It's honestly been way to long since I posted on my blog. Besides the recent post of my wedding invitation in the previous post.  Since my last post in December though I have not been creating many cards. Wedding planning and paper crafting for the wedding, work and moving were taking over leaving very little time for other cards and projects.  Though now I am once again settled in my new place with my husband.  I've got a new creative zone that I've been organizing and been able to starting creating again now that things are not as busy.  Here are two of my most recent cards which of course are "Happy Birthday" cards.  

My wedding invitations

I recently got married on March 23 to an amazing man named Tyler.  Obviously being a paper crafter, card maker and scrapbooker I made my own wedding invitations.  We had a puzzle theme as you can see.  The puzzle symbolized that we are the perfect fit for each other. I also did a homemade scrapbook/guestbook and a seating chart.