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Just a few mason jar tags I made for craft fair season! I Also made some other tags too!


Inside joke with a friend, a ninja jumping off a Ferris wheel 

Tusen takk/ Norwegian thank you jar

Norwegian Christmas

Merry Christmas and a happy new year

Stars Xmas jar

You're the berry best

Thank you berry much

Engagement jar

Happy birthday for him

My world brighter

Norway cards

Jingle bells in a jar

Thank you

Just a note/ paper clips

Just a note/music

The wise men came

One embossing folder, two different looks. 

Colorful merry Christmas

A cherry hello

Perfect pair

Pairs in a mason jar 

Kids birthdays

I made these for my nieces on their birthdays 

String of lights

A really simple card with a string of Christmas lights. I really like this card!

Joy peace love

A random x-mas card I made 

I've seen London in a mason jar

My friend loves London so I created this card for her. 

Thoughts of you

Embossed hand colored hibiscus flowers 

Warm wishes

You're Snow Fabulous!

I really like this snowflake filled mason jar and it's sentiment of "you're Snow FABULOUS!" It's so encouraging and cute!

Best birthday

5 different color sets for a fun look with this birthday cards, candles in a mason jar! 


A random card with a bird and the word tweet. It kind of reminds me of twitter.

Baby baptism

A friends baby recently got baptisted so I made them this card to celebrate the occasion. 

Baby clothes line

Hand colored embossed baby clothes line 

Little baby huggable bear

Embossed hand colored huggable bear for the baby! 


Two different cupcakes for any occasion 

Staching through the snow

A card for the men. I took the funny saying staching through the snow with some mustache duct tape and a few other elements to make these two cards. 

A little update

It's been a long time since I last posted. I have so many cards to post but haven't had time to post them. I'm going to be involved in two craft fairs in November and I've been making tons of cards and getting ready for that. These are my first craft sale so I'm pretty excited! It's a lot of work, can be stressful at times but it's so worth it in the sense that I'm doing what I love creating cards. I will update the blog with my latest cards made and my craft fair experiences when things slow down a bit. With the first craft sale being a week away I've still got a lot to do not so much with cards but a few more display pieces and such. There is a lot to think about and do when it comes to craft fairs. I'm very thankful I have 3 weeks in between my two craft fairs to rest and make more stock if I need to.


How have you bean?

A play on words, coffee bean style.