Saturday, February 25, 2012

"Masquerade Under the Sea" Invitation

These were designed for a party we had at the DTS/School I work at in the end of January.  I prepped for 50 of them and then handed them off to some other staff to put them together. 

Curious George "God Jul" x-mas 2011

Here are the Christmas cards I made for Christmas 2011.  The Curious George Christmas cards made a comeback with a Norwegian twist.  I made 62 of these for the staff & Students here. 

The cards stuffed in the student mailboxes! :)

Christmas & Birthdays 2011

Here are some Christmas & Birthday cards I made for a friend to give to her family for their special occassions. These cards were especially ordered and personalized to the family member's liking!  They were very fun to create! I shipped them all the way to Canada from Norway!