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2011 is here. Let's recap 2010 in cards!

Well another year has come and gone! Let's recap my card creations from 2010. I made 209 cards in Canada before I jetted of to Norway. I made 117 cards in Norway since I've been here. (48 of those cards were Christmas cards for the staff & Students here.) So that's a grand total of 326 cards I made this year. I sold some cards too but I'm not sure of the numbers right now!

Heart shaped Love!

This is a little sketch or drawing I made of my niece Fiona when she was first learning to walk. I decided to make some little heart shaped cards with this picture. (This was the original picture I drew the picture from)

Pop up Drums

This is a a Just because Pop up drum card I made!

Norway Postcards

Here are some postcards I made of Ă…lesund, Norway where I am living right now. Back of one of the postcards

Love & Joy

Here are some other cards I made.


Here are some Thank you cards I made!


Random Card I made.

Happy Birthday!

This is a pop up cupcake Birthday card I made for a friend here in Norway!

Thank you

Norwegian pop up thank you (Takk) card!

Jesus loves you!

Here are some mini cards I made!

Flower Pop up

Random Flower Pop up card

You are fun!

This is a random card I made!


Here is a random card I made.

Happy Birthday!

Here is another birthday card I made.

Happy Birthday!

Here is a pop up cupcake happy birthday card I made.


Here is another card I made in Norway as well.

God Loves you!

Here is another card I made in Norway!

Curious George sledding in Norway!!!

This is one of my favorites I've made. Curious George sledding!

Christmas cards

Some more Christmas cards I made.

More Art Exhibition cards!

Here are pictures of the cards being displayed at the art Exhibition! Here are two more cards I made for the art exhibition.

Exhibition Cards

Here in Norway the fine art track at the creative DTS (Which I am in) had an art exhibition displaying the different things we have made since we have been here since September. We were asked to make something we could sell to make money for the Fine Art Track so of course I made some cards.