Monday, July 29, 2013

Christmas trees

Embossed, colored and sparkled Christmas tree cards!!!


A card to day hello coffee/tea style!!

Lets get together soon

Cute and simple cafe embossed card!

Cheers to you coffee!

Coffee beans embossed, tea cup for you coffee. Cheers to you!!


A simple embossed and colored reindeer card!


Embossed pattern on the side, love window card! Could be used as a wedding cards or just about anything.

Cheers to you!

A mouse throwing raspberries into a jar, wouldn't want this happening in real life but it makes a cute card!

My world is brighter because of you

A mason jar filled with Christmas lights!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Make a big wish!

A swirl of snowflakes in a jar!

Seasons greeting

A reindeer Christmas card I recently made!

Get well

I guess I needed an excuse to use this robot stamp I had (which I'd never really used) so I made this card when my husbands android cell phone was having some difficulties to cheer him up.

O Canada

A mason jar filled with Canadian maple leaves. So cool eh?

You're a rock star!

A mason jar filled with gold stars! Wahoo!!!

A jar full of music!

A mason jar full of music notes! And on the inside of the card it is stamped laugh out loud but laugh is crossed out and replaced with the word sing.

Rawr said the dragon!

A cute little dragon card saying Rawr! I really like this one!

Sing out loud!

A fun robot card I made!

Hello love!

A little card I made up just for fun!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Cupcake birthday

A cupcake card with a little bit of sunshine shining through in the back of the card. This was a birthday card I recently made for a friend.

It's a shower

I recently went to a scrapbooking garage sale and got a mason jar stamp for $1, it's retail value $10.99 yeah for bargains. Anyways I like mason jars a lot and I know others do too, I've been making lots of cards with this new stamp. It's really inspired me! Here is just one of my newest creations. More coming soon!!

I sewed transparency around the jar and put heart cut outs in this fun wedding shower card!