Sunday, May 29, 2011

Golf Happy Birthday!!

I made this for a friend to give to their brother.

DTS Film Track Graduation!

DTS Dance Track Graduation!

DTS Music Track Graduation

Fine Art Track DTS Graduation!

You're SEW special!

My Friend here in Norway just got into Fashion school in Oslo so I made her this card to congratulate her!

Thank you!

Thank you card I made in Norway!The butterfly pops out of the jar!

Random Joke card!

Random Card!

Lots of Cards!

Here are a bunch of Cards I made in Norway!

Outreach B-day Cards!

For 2 months the school I am at had teams go to other countries and a friend and I made the people who had birthdays during this time cards and little packages with small gifts to take with them. Everyone from the school signed them!