Sunday, January 31, 2010

Paul Frank Happy Birthday!

I made this card for one of the girls who goes to my church. She's in my small group for girls club. I also know her from camp too. I'm sure you've already guessed she's a big fan of Paul Frank!


This is a card I made awhile ago but just found it!

Owl Hello

This is a random card I made recently. I used my Owl & hello stamp. Then I added some lace to make this card look elegant yet simple.

Showers of blessing!

This is also a recent card I made at a friend's house. I really like this card. The umbrella's represent "Showers of blessing" since the word blessing is featured on this card!


This is a recent card I made at a friend's house. It features a raccoon and says rejoice!


This is another recent card I made at a friends house. It's a beaver and says love!

All we need is love!

This is a recent random card I made. If you like this design it could be yours.

Baby "Quilled" card!

I've recently started to love the art of quilling. If you are not familiar with this it's an art form that involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs. You can create so many different designs. I found some pre done quilling designs at the dollar store so here is my first quilling card! I did not do the quilling myself!

Thank You with Lace!

This is a random thank you card I made with some lace and a thank you stamp! So if you love this card and need a one of a kind thank you card this card is for sale!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Mini Dress Shaped scrapbook!

This was a Christmas gift for Sister in law, Brother and niece. A mini scrapbook shaped like a dress! These are only a few of the pictures from this scrapbook.

Beatles Pop-Up Birthday!

This is a recent pop-up card I made for a friend. As you can see I'm really enjoying making pop- up cards recently. They are so fun!

Mountain Bike Pop-Up card!

This is a recent card I sold to a friend for her brother who loves to mountain bike. Check out the video to see this pop-up card in motion!

Pop-Up Toy Story (Buzz Lightyear)

I have a friend who loves Toy Story so why not make her a random pop-up Toy Story card to make her day. Here it is! Check out the Video below for the coolness!

Horse Birthday "Purple"

This is another recent horse birthday card I made for a friend!

Horse Birthday "Blue"

This is a recent card I made for a friend with an upcoming birthday!

Have a nice day!

This is my first time using a House Mouse stamp! I really like them. And I really like this card!

Thoughts of you!

This is a recent card I made with my sunflower stamps & thoughts of you stamp!

Going on a squirrel Hunt!

This is a random card I made for a friend because of their facebook status actually, it said, I'm going squirrel hunting!" So just for fun and randomness I made them this card.

The inside is just like the "I'm nuts about you card!"

"I'm Nuts about You" The Card!

Remember my post about being inspired in Superstore by a simple baby onesie that said, "I'm nuts about you!" Well here is the card that I ended up making from this random inspiration.

Ballet Happy Birthday!

Here is a recent Happy Birthday card I made for a friend who loves ballet!


This is a random card I made recently

New Baby!

This is a recent baby card I made for a friend who welcomed a new baby in December!

Blessings on your trip!

A friend of mine just went on a trip to Australia so I made her a blessings on her trip card!

Inside of card

Mini Onesie Baby scrapbook!

These are just a few pages from a recent mini onesie scrapbook I made for a friend who had a baby back in December!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Wedding Invitations!

Last year I had the privilege to design my friend's wedding invitations. They will be getting married this year.

I had never designed wedding invitations before so my friend and I went to Clipper Street Scrapbooking Company and took a class on how to make them. I learned lots and she got an idea of what she wanted her invitations to look like. This is the design I came up with. We got a bunch of our friends and her mom and sister together to help make them. I showed everyone what to do and we had a assembly line. We made about 100 of these cards!

Please note: You need to receive a wedding invitation in the mail to attend this event. Unless otherwise invited by the couple to come to the ceremony. By me blogging this does not make it an open invite of any sort. Please respect this couple as they get married.