Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Congtatulations, Baby on the Way!!!

This is a baby on the way card I created. To congratulate a couple on expecting their first child.


This is a card for my friend Krystal. She's just turned 21 on April 26. She loves Dr.Pepper so I got this idea to make her a birthday card in the shape of a Dr.Pepper can. The ribbion and little tag are attached to an actual pop can tab right where it is in the Dr.Pepper can.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Gone Fishing!!!

This is a card I made awhile back. It seems it didn't make it to the blog, so here it is. When I made this card I had no one in mind. My Grandma had given me the little fishing hooks from her sewing collection and I had to use them. So I went out and bought some fishing stickers to complete this card and I threaded the fishing hooks onto the fishing poles using black thread. This year my friend Joleen needed a card for her dad's birthday. Turns out he likes fishing so I gave her this card to give to her dad. The report is he liked it very much!!! :)

Monday, April 21, 2008

We really miss ewe!

I made this card for two girls at my church who are twins. This is just a bit of the card since I didn't want to put their picture up. But they really liked this sheep stuffed animal from the Christmas play so I used a picture of them with it. and the ribbion on the side and the card is Green & Yellow because that is their favorite colors.

Happy Birthday Mom!!

My mom just celebrated her birthday on April 19th and this is the card I made for her!

Another PLBC Tour Card

This is a card for my friend Tyler who is also going on Tour with PLBC starting this week.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Blessings in Thailand!

This card is for my friend Jennine who is going to Thailand this summer on a missions trip for a month with my school. It's just to tell her that I'll be thinking about her and praying for her on her trip and to encourage her as she goes off to serve the Lord there.

Tour Team Blessings!

This card is for my friend Jasmine who is heading out on tour team with my school this summer. They go for a month around the USA and Canada and minister to churches and people there. The reason it is in the shape of a van is because that's how the team travels. This card is just to encourage her along the way and inform her that I will be praying for her on her trip.

Grad Cap

This is a card for my friend Drew is graduating from the 4 year program at my school this year. It is obviously in the shape of a grad cap. There is a tassle which is held on by a button and I used some wire and bend it into the shape of the numbers O8,since the Grad year is 2008. Around the sides of the cap I used a stamp that said "Best Wishes" and I used a star shape punch and put that in each corner.