Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Birthday (London Phone Booth)

My friend just turned 22 and she loves London. So I made her a card shaped like a phone booth you would find in London, England. Plus she really likes pugs so there is a pug dog sitting inside the phone booth. Nick Carter (One of her favorite stars is leaning up against the phone booth) And her favorite drink at Starbucks is a green tea frapp well it's sitting inside the phone booth and she also likes sponge bib square pants so inside the phone booth is a sponge bob water bottle. The door to the phone booth is made with transparency so that you can see through it like a real phone booth.

Happy Birthday Music Record!

This is a random Birthday card I made. It looks like it's a record. But it's actually the inside of an old disk for computers.


This is a random smile card I made. I used a star punch and some glow in the dark stickers. And ribbon that says "Smile" on it. This card reminds me of a lantern. This is also part of the glow in the dark card line.

Thinking of You

This is a random "Thinking of you" card I made recently. The little star stickers glow in the dark too. This is apart of the glow in the dark card line.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Star Christmas

I Sold these cards!

A friend requested 10 General Christmas card to be made. Here they are! Around the star it says, "The Shepherds and wise men followed the star which led them straight to Jesus, who is the reason for the season." And in the Middle of the star it says. "Merry Christmas" Then at the bottom of the card right under the star it has the Bible verse Luke 2:11 which says, "For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord." The corners on the outside have punched out stars in them. Plus on the inside there is a yellow patch to write the message and in the corners of this there are also punched out stars.

Mini Scrapbook (Baby Onesie Clothing)

I made this mini scrapbook in the shape of a onesie (baby clothing) for my brother and sister in law. This is a Christmas Present for them since they just had there 1st baby in October.

Do you like this pattern? Have a baby in the family? Would you like to send this to a loved one who just welcomed a new baby into the family? Let me know, I can sell one to you. You'll just have to put the pictures you want in yourself.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Hang in There!

Random Hang in there cards. Boots on a clothes line.

Smiles & Boots!

These are two cards I made awhile back and they are finally making their way to the blog. If you like these cards they could be yours. Let me know!

My Card Making Space!

This is an old picture of my card making space. It pretty much looks the same though. There is a shelf next to the desk for my paper and such. One day I'd like to have a better card making place or even a separate room for paper crafting. My very own studio. But for now this is what I have to work with, and it's working for me. This picture is also located on the side of my blog too.

Love Bug Wedding!

This is a card I made back in September. (But it didn't make the blog yet, so here it is) I made this for my friend Trina on her Wedding Day.

llama & Curious George "Just Because"

I made this card in the summer for a friend to encourage them. (I somehow forgot to put it up here, so here it is) Enjoy!

High School Musical "Just Because"

This is card I made for a friend awhile ago. I still need to give it to them actually. I figured I could put it on here now though.